Pros and Cons Of Ultrasound Scanning

 Ultrasound is a commonly used imagery tool that comes handy for various types of diagnostic purposes. It is very commonly used during pregnancy to find about the size of the fetus, its health and other such attributes. Scanning makes use of sound waves to produce images and this shows what exactly is going on inside the body. The technology pertaining to ultrasound scanning has gone through quite a bit of change over the past few decades. 2D scanning was the first way to produce scanned images. These were basically in the form of black and white images that showed a rough sketch of the part of the body or the fetus that was being scanned. It was helpful in finding out the age of the fetus, its position, the gender of the fetus and other such important attributes.


3D And 4D Scanning


As technology moved forward, 3D scans became common and it was an improvement over 2D scans in many ways. Though the technology remained more or less the same, the images that got reflected were crisper, sharper and the various body parts of the unborn fetus could be easily visible. Hence, there is no doubt that 3D scanning could help quite a bit in identifying the overall health of the baby and pinpoint any defects or deficiencies and take care of the same before it becomes a major problem.


The next improvement was 4D scanning. This was often referred to as real live scanning and it certainly had quite a few additions when compared to 4D scanning. It helped to reflect images of the baby that resembled real-life situations. Or in other words, the images were almost like a baby moving inside the womb of the mother. The heartbeats, the movement of the hands, legs, face, and lips could be clearly visible.


Advantages Of Scanning


  • It could help detect abnormalities in the fetus. It could assist in finding out if there is more than one fetus in the woman. It also could help in determining the sex of the baby before birth and also its size and approximate weight.
  • Compared to X-Rays and CT scans, 2D, 3D, and 4D scans are considered safer. This is because the patients are not exposed to radiation. It is quite safe and there rarely have been any side effects reported.
  • Apart from pregnancy, ultrasound scanning is used for imaging, medicine, time tracking, communication, fluid mechanics and cleaning amongst other things.


Downsides Of Ultrasound


  • The image reflection may not be accurate always and different directs could product different properties and images. Hence, it should be done only by those who have the right experience and expertise in this area.
  • The process cannot penetrate the bones and skulls and cannot even move through areas that have gas and hair. If you have problems with your bowels, then you may have to look at some alternative way of diagnosis.
  • A few instances of a link between ultrasound scanning and premature birth have been reported. There also have been a very few instances of miscarriage but it is not sure whether this can be linked to ultrasound scanning.


However, at the end of the day, the pros far outweigh the cons as far as ultrasound scanning is concerned.


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